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A bit of info about our competitions!

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Signature of the Week(SOTW): A widely popular competition on most graphics, and non-graphics websites. This tests your skills against others, and helps you improve through helpful criticism. It also shows you another artist's point of view on a certain topic. If you get first place in this contest, your image will be on the homepage of Ghoztcraft, and available for public view in the SOTW Winners gallery. The rules can be viewed here.


Large Art of the Fortnight(LAOTF): A fairly recent competition, similar to the SOTW, except with larger pieces of artwork. This is more challenging, and more advanced then the SOTW because you have a lot more space to fill. It's harder to get more things to blend together in larger spaces, so it's recommended for intermediate to advanced users. The topics are also more generic, to give more freedom to the imagination. The rules can be viewed here.


GC Photography Competition: Another new competition which is a way for people to show off their photography skills. Easy to compete in, all you need is a camera. You can even use a camera phone(not recommended). The topic will usually be more creative, and longer. The goal is to aim for artistry, along with good placement. The rules can be viewed here.


Battle Arena: Perfect for challenging people that you think have similar artistic abilities. It is usually a one verse one, and you can decide on the intensity of the battle. The challenger creates a set of rules, and the one being challenged can choose whether to accept or not. After both pieces of art have been submitted, users will vote on which they want to win. The rules can be viewed here.

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