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well its been a while since i have actually been on here, but i need some help. I am working on a website for a very good friend of mine but all i have with me is my mac that doesn't have anything on it.


what i need is for someone to make a logo for me. it can be just about any size, but gold letters with a black background saying "RIIR" (II being roman numeral) and with a gold crown on top of the II if possible. he had one made, and it looks like crap but the guy had the right idea.


i am feeling generous and i am very flexible so i think i could offer a good 25$ through paypal or i will purchase something for you online(if you don't have paypal) if you can make something i like. i'll check back in a week or two, so take your time. if you post something here or email it to me, make sure sure that you put some type of watermark on the image or something so u know i wont steal it lol.


my email is [email protected]

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