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StarCraft II Motivationals

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File Name: StarCraft II Motivationals

File Submitter: XGhozt

File Submitted: 07 Jun 2010

File Category: Starcraft II

Author: GhoztMan

Version: 1.0.0



This package contains 15 Motivational Posters related to StarCraft II as well as a tutorial walking you through the steps to create a motivational poster. All work was done by me except the music in the tutorial. I took each screenshot except one (OVERKILL Motivational - WhoDoYouThink100) and devised up all the titles and subtitles except for one (RETREATING - GodofDeath12000).


Legal Stuffs

Music belongs to Tomas Dvorak, StarCraft II belongs to Blizzard. Bla bla bla, legal sounding words. Bla.


Special Thanks

Battle.net friends, GIMP, Camtasia, Blizzard, that sort of stuff.



©GhoztMan Productions 2009-2010 All Rights Reserved. (Me trying to sound official and all)




Click here to download this file

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