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What part of the old Gc do you miss?

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I can summarize what made this website perfect in two words. The Community. The sad part is that I doubt we could ever get back to how active, welcoming, and chill everyone was. I felt like I grew up with this site yet still I have been completely inactive for the longest time now due to being completely uninterested in everything this site has to offer. There needs to be something to attract new people / make people to come back; something more than Starcraft Hacks (hate to break the news but Starcraft's popularity is severely declining).


EDIT: Now that I think about it, I really think the sole thing that happened was that we all simply grew up. Ghoztcraft was a place for drama, and as much as everyone would love to deny it, we all absolutely loved it. All the drama sparked interest and kept everyone attached to the site. This site was driven by our immaturity, and now that we all have matured, we have no interest to create or even partake in any drama, killing our attachment / interest in Ghoztcraft.


That's just my opinion.

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