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Freedom Forever!

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Freedomhack.com is going back online for a new environment.


We will still be supporting game hacks but Freedom Hack is no longer supported. You can still download the last version from the old downloads section. Freedomhack.com will now be the home for freedom forever, our new server software.


Freedom Forever will provide services to applications we produce such as chat channels, multiplayer game rooms, access to aspects of the forums, and other features. It is also a multi client server so people using one client can communicate with people in a totally different client.


Accompanying the launch of the new software are two programs:

Freedom Downloader

This application allows access to the downloads section.

and Freedom Channels

This hack allows access to freedom forever's chat channels in SC's bnet interface.




I'm glad that Freedom is coming back in at least one aspect. Creating a community of gamers like this is a great idea, and I can't wait to see it flourish.

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