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Why, Hai thar!

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Name: Lindsey

Favorite Game: Umm, im in a hassle between all blizzard games, TES IV, and CoD MW2

Age: 21

Favorite Color: Blue

Where are you from: New York

Where did you hear about us: Google :D

Who are you ( SN ): On Bnet: WoP-Foeos, PSN: MiSS_Me4TomoRRoW, on Xfire: DawnofLight

What are you: Human of course (... i think :D)

What do you represent: NY, Clan WoP

Gaming Screen Name: err look above at SN :)

Have a GirlFriend: Nope.

Have a BoyFriend: Nope.

Why did you come here: To make friends and have fun

Who is your Idol: My College Astronomy Professor

What can you do: Fun stuffs :D

- Program? X

- Script? X

- Read? Check!

- Spell? Check!

About you (Description): I'm a friendly and loving person, I hope to meet a lot of good people here. I'm a recent leukemia survivor, was released from center 2 weeks ago. Thanks for reading!

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it is really great to meet you.

Your on a role vgombts. I mean thats the fastest I even seen anyone spam....

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