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Legend of Zelda: OoT Retextured

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his re-texture started off on September 15th 2008' date=' the aim of this retexture was to keep as close to the original texture as possible while still adding what the original developers could not produce due to the technical limitations of the Nintendo 64 and also funding.

The project was originally pushed by Mode7 after being dropped by death-droid on the 28th of September.The pack rapidly gained interest from many artists and people looking to try and help out in any way they can. After Mode7 left for study abroad on July, 28 2009, Death-Droid gained the responsibility of handling and compiling all textures together in a pack and uploading it everytime and update is needed. There have being many large contributions from the community some being Zeckron, Chieftain459, mode7, chaoszerox and many more, over the 2 years this project has being running.

As of July 31st 2010 the pack has an uncompressed, unoptemized size of 750mb with over 3,665 textures and 279 folders.[/quote']














The fanboi inside of me is going crazy. Can't believe I never came upon this in the past. It makes me want to learn how to retexture and try to help out. I'll probably get frustrated after a few hours of trying to make something and failing though.


It's about two years since this project started but it's still being discussed and actively updated.


Edit: This ones cooler: http://www.emutalk.net/showthread.php?t=49340

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