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LongScript-C Advanced Macro Script

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File Name: LongScript-C Advanced Macro Script

File Submitter: GhoztMan 

File Submitted: 22 Sep 2010

File Updated: 05 Oct 2010

File Category: 1.1.0

Author: Beaving

Version: 1.4.0


- Queen Larva Inject (up to 5 hatcheries; automatic or manually inject per one key press; all can be setup; it will not interrupt your playing much, as it uses Minimap for targetting hatcheries for injection, and after it's done it will switch back to your old unit/building selection)


- Basic MiningBoost support (

- Massproduction (for basic units: Drones, Overlords, Zerglings, Roaches, Hydras & Mutas)

- Banelingexplode on mouseover

- Force minimization (for Fullscreen Windowed-mode))

- Notification system when cooldown of larva is ready and so on... (with voices; no beeps)

- Grid Keylayout support (also for german keyboards)

- good Configurizable config


- Polymorphing code & self randomized filename for security

Obviously it's coded in C++ to make it more advanced and stable.


Open the hack or the ReadMe and you will be able to see more detailed instructions.


There are two version available:

one with .NET and one without


I recommend using with .NET (you'll need .NET framework 4 available here: http://www.microsoft...&displaylang=en

and you may also need to download http://www.google.de...lient=firefox-a to run it correctly.)



All is needed to make this app stable icon_smile.gif


If you don't want to download all these things, just use the version without .NET, it should work.



Normal Version: http://www.virustota...eb6c-1284991972


non .NET: http://www.virustota...553b-1284991982


Click here to download this file

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