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Not A StarCraft 2 Hack

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File Name: Not A StarCraft 2 Hack

File Submitter: GhoztMan 

File Submitted: 23 Sep 2010

File Updated: 29 Sep 2010

File Category: 1.1.0

Author: NotAHacker

Version: 3.0.0


This is in response to Blizzard's attempts to thwart our fun biggrin.gif


This is definitely NOT a Starcraft 2 hack so there is no reason it should be considered copyright infringement.


Do not inject the included DLL into Starcraft 2 because you will definitely not be able to use the included map hack.



Not a simple toggle maphack




F5 - if you press this then it will definitely NOT enable/disable the map hack


F8 - pressing this will not unload the hack from the games memory






This hack makes one http connection in order to check if it has been reported detected and if it is updated to the latest version. A user running a detected or old version will be notified.


This hack is packed with UPX just because.


Because this hack is NOT a Starcraft 2 hack you know it's not a trojan or virus or anything like that. Please do reverse it though and see. It is quite simple and you should find nothing suspicious. Also yes I just joined today but with good reason. I do not want to be tracked or found :]


Click here to download this file

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