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[C] Source: StarCraft 2 Trainer for Windows

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File Name: [C] Source: StarCraft 2 Trainer for Windows

File Submitter: GhoztMan 

File Submitted: 25 Sep 2010

File Category: 1.1.0

Author: linuxisawesome

Version: 1.0.0


Starcraft 2 Trainer for Windows

This is a working public resource hack for StarCraft 2 1.1 Windows


Needs admin privileges to work (right click .exe and run as admin).

Once it's running:

Shift+F5 will give you 100 more minerals. Shift+F6 will give you 100 more vespene gas.

I use small increments by default to avoid hack detection in the matchhistory, since you can play "multiplayer" against the AI to get achievements.

If you need a lot of resources, just press the hotkeys several times, oredit the source code and recompile.

Bug reports or patches/forks are welcome:http://github.com/li...trainer_windows

- linuxisawesome


Click here to download this file

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