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Qazzy's SC2 Multi Lossbot

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File Name: Qazzy's SC2 Multi Lossbot

File Submitter: GhoztMan 

File Submitted: 10 Oct 2010

File Updated: 21 Oct 2010

File Category: Starcraft II Hacks v1.1.2


Qazzy's SC2 Multi Lossbot 1.2 for Patch



This bot allows you to lossbot on up to 8 Starcraft II windows WHILE YOU DO OTHER THINGS. You can play another game, watch a video, this bot will not interfere with what you are doing.


Lossbotting is useful to obtain portraits in random team games. Because if your teammates win the game you still get the win. You could use it in 1v1 but you wouldn't get that many wins if any because the other person would have to be lossbotting too.


This bot is a modified version of my Multi Lossbot for Warcraft III. I don't know if bnet will let you log into the same account twice like it did on WC3. I decided to leave the feature there in case you wanted to bot on multiple accounts.



  • Lossbot on up to 8x windows
  • 100% background bot
  • Customizable delays per window
  • Customizable start/stop hotkeys
  • Customizable chat messages



This window shows you what each window is doing. The Window Status section will set the window state of that window.


Visible: Window is visible to the user.

Hidden: Window is hidden from the user.

Disabled: Window is not used by the bot.




Customize the delays for each window. If the bot wins before the Leave delay is up the bot will leave instantly and not wait.


Leave: The delay in seconds that the bot will leave.

1st Chat: The delay in seconds that the bot will say the 1st message after the game starts.

2nd Chat: The delay in seconds that the bot will say the 2nd message after the 1st Chat message.



Leave: 300

1st Chat: 15

2nd Chat: 10


0:00 Game starts.

0:15 Bot says 1st Chat message.

0:25 Bot says 2nd Chat message.

5:00 Bot leaves the game.




If you own a non English copy of SC2, you need to change the Surrender and Score Screen hotkeys to your own.


If the bot's hotkeys interferes with another program's hotkeys, you are able to change the bot's hotkeys here.


You also have the option to not show any chat messages, and you can customize what you want the bot to say.


1.2 - Updated bot for patch and added game limit feature

1.1 - Added support for other languages

1.0 - Initial Release


Virus Total Report


Click here to download this file

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