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Lost Viking Assistant

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File Name: Lost Viking Assistant

File Submitter: GhoztMan 

File Submitted: 21 Oct 2010

File Updated: 21 Oct 2010

File Category: Starcraft II Hacks v1.1.2


Lost Viking Assistant

(100% UN-Detectable!)


Hey all, just thought I would package up a small yet very helpful script I wrote to prevent myself from getting Carpal Tunnel Syndrome while trying to get the Lost Viking achievements.


If you can't afford $80+ for a macro keyboard to spam the shoot key, this small program will do exactly that for you.



1. Load the program

2. Load SC2

3. Start "The Lost Vikings" game

Press F5 to toggle auto-shoot

5. Enjoy a SPAM-FREE Arcade experience!


F5 is the toggle switch. Press it on, press it off... you get the idea.


Yes, I know this is a simple program... but simplicity never hurt, when functionality pays. I am a very capable software engineer so if anyone has any ideas for something I can do that is NEW AND CREATIVE (no maphack requests or update _____ hack for patch 1.x.x.x requests ect...) I'd be GLAD to hear you out and perhaps give it a try.






Click here to download this file

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Why don't you just put some thing heavy enough on the space key, then it is auto-shoot. What you need to do the rest is keep one of your finger on left crtl key for the boom.

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lol, actually, this scropt is better, because if you hold pushing space key, the shooting rate is really slow, and you may not hit each creep, and that will result a low record, or you will have to fight one more level harder, i just got the gold achieve when i finished level 9 wiht painfull arms.

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