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File Name: zo_Rival

File Submitter: GhoztMan 

File Submitted: 21 Oct 2010

File Updated: 22 Oct 2010

File Category: Starcraft II Hacks v1.1.2

Author: Zoro

Version: 1.0.0



1. Run StarCraft II

2. Run zLoader.exe before logging in

3. If you get a error, just reinject



- Warden Scan Detection

- Check for update

- Tie hack

- Map hack




F5 - Press this desync from the game without getting a win or loss.

F6 - Toggle 2 state maphack off and lite.

Home - Check for updates




- Warden Scan Detection

Warden is a anti-cheat program that silently report hackers to Blizzard. With this information,

Blizzard can do what they want. To prevent this plot of Blizzard, there is a automatic

Warden Detector in this hack. This feature detects if Warden is scanning and if so it gives

you the option to continue playing at your own risk or exit. This feature still needs improving

and MIGHT only alert when in-game or exiting. However if it still alerts though take caution.


- Check for update

This gives you a option to check for updates when you press (Home).


- Tie hack

This amazing feature, different from Dew's, allow users to drop out the game, get a tie, and

its so easy to use with a push of a button (F5).


- Map hack

View all around and/or across any place of the map with a easy push of a button (F6).


Click here to download this file

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