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Cabal EU bot with speed hack and Wall ha

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Hi friends. Im using cabalrider in eu server of cabal online. Many ppl using that bot but i think you have to have some difference. Here a editted version of cabal online that you can use it for speed hack+wall hack+ to join premium services. This version created by a group of my friend that using many else hacks in game. Have fun and good luck for the drops :)


Note: Its same with the cabal rider version. If a new version of cabal rider released we will work on for the advantages of cabal rider editted version.


Note2: DOnt forget to release Windows/Prefetch folder from your computer and if you have saved id release it.


Note (important): When you start cabal rider just click "Free Login" and have fun :)


Note3: This is just for cabal EU. So it dont work for any other cabal servers.


Note4: Dont forget to do steps abow.


Note5: Good Luck :)


Download cabal-edit.rar for free on uploading.com

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