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Cabal EU Damage Hack 2010

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Ghoztcraft Staff has not approved this file: Use AT OWN RISK!


Cabal Damage Hack (Test Version)


Hi all. This is a test version of damage hack for more exp, more skill point and else.


This version dont include a interface so dont panic first :)


Before entering the game (this is most importan key) be sure you have deleted Windows/prefetch folder.


After deleting that folder just double click the "test" and enter the game. This is a trial version of our working

so there can be many bug or else. Please report that us than we can help you.


Note: Dont forget the delete Windows/prefetch folder first. Thats all :)


Good games and have fun guys.


This is a few photo of our working :






Than finally this is our project :


Download test.exe for free on uploading.com

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One of your images has a 404 error.... This probably wont be used to any knowledgeable member. Because you have no reputation here.... But thanks for the down load?

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