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Name: The Liberal Media

Favorite Game: Hello kitty adventures

Age: 38

Favorite Color: Obama

Where are you from: Shakuras

Where did you hear about us: Myspace.com

Who are you ( SN ): The Liberal Media

What are you: Gangsta

What do you represent: Hackers everywhere

Gaming Screen Name: The Liberal Media

Have a GirlFriend: When im horny

Have a BoyFriend: When im more horny than above

Why did you come here: I dont understand, do you knot want me here or what?

Who is your Idol: Gimli

What can you do:

- Program? Check

- Script? Check

- Read? What kind of a question is this.. i am obviously not black.

- Spell? HERP DERP

About you (Description): You tell me

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Media doesn't really have a liberal bias... And even if it did, it obviously doesn't affect anything.



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