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So its been a while ....

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So, It's been a while - A long while since I've seen you guys. I'm curious what you all are up to?


In the last ten minutes, I've seen that Z, Zar, GhoztMan, HG-Bounder, SpeedSkater, XGhozt, Viper, Cripp and Magic Bitch are all still active - so I'm curious... Who else is still here and what have you all been up to?


For me, I've moved to the NYC area - I live about 35 minutes by train away the city (over in Stamford CT specifically) and I work in Greenwich CT as a software developer. I program androids, iCraps and WPF apps now for some company and I make a decent salary. (Greater than the starting range for a Comp Sci grad which is 63k). I go on business trips at least once a month all over the country. The company I work for is unrelated to program, but my division is sort of an "external" solution division to help other startups and companies who need apps programmed.


I don't have a degree at this point but I am working on it. I have a few plans on taking classes over the summer to transfer up here and finish before I'm 23. Honestly though, I feel as if Comp Sci is one of those fields that you really do not need a degree to succeed in, but only time will tell me with that.


I have been dating the same girl for the last 1.6 years and I have been thinking about proposing within the next year and a half. (Thinking as in saving up money to do such).



Well - That's pretty much all for me, What about you guys?





For the record, I remember when Zar posted this:


Now enough with your exaggeration. Your keyboard is on the list of compatible ones. It is in the manual. We know you can't even code a website let alone driver software. I am sick of your constant lies and exaggerations you don't look cool to anyone except little 12 year old kids that don't know any better.

Zar, I must say - I appreciate the inspiration. On that day I opened my eyes and got laid later that week (for the first time). Ever since then, I've had a steep upwards learning curve of a lot of programming languages including Android (java), iOS (objective c), C, C++, C# and Sql (technically not programming).


Nonetheless - I've learned a lot since then and continue to learn daily since tech changes. For the record though - Coding a website and coding in the languages are not the same. I mean sure, I can code a website all day long but it will look like absolute shit. I don't do CSS (design side) or any other markup. I can do JQuery, but that's still limited as I prefer to do more with the backend and less with the front.

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Welcome back proslasher glad to see you're doing well. Do tell us if you get married.


I've been doing pretty great lately. The US Junior Short Track Speed Skating team and I brought home a medal at Junior World Cup in Australia. I'm currently on break from skating till May and I have been relaxing and doing work for my parents. I plan on going to college soon. I'm going out with a really hot chick at the moment so I'm pretty stoked.


also active is a generous word for for this site at the moment. we do post occasionally. sometimes we don't post for quite a while, and there's random drop ins from old members like you. We had a huge surge of new members who were huge "terraria" fans. who are mostly younger members.

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Retired? :o I still have my undercover mod powers!


Active? I just talk int eh shoutbox :l this it my first post in forever! More like a year or so, meh.


Anywho, I'm out of school, declined to go t College ever, and I now work at Wal-Mart as an Overnight Stocker.


All I do otherwise is read, Play WoW, and any other game tickling my fancy at the time.

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