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I'm all new and things :D ~Introduction~

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Name: It's ... well let's just go with Jack.

Favorite Game: Skyrim or Fallout NV.... I really like the DLC's and Underground Hideout Mod so it's a close call xD

Age: 20

Favorite Color: Blue

Where are you from: Alaska - sidekick of Canada

Where did you hear about us: Was looking around for a friendly, stable (doesn't get erased) server to join, and stumbled onto a Ghoztcraft one ;)

Who are you ( SN ): Gauntlets88

What are you: ...Male. Optimist? Realist? somewhere in between I suppose

Gaming Screen Name: For Terraria - Turbo or Chrono (Trigger) most often

Why did you come here: Interested in joining servers - particularly one for Terraria; to have fun :D

Who is your Idol: Seriously? Beethoven ... xD. He was a mad, deaf genius, and a BAMF

Things I have a low tolerance for: Griefers, ppl with negative/provocative attitudes, and the teleport + "Hi" + nothing or grief combo. (Just ask me what I'm doing or to come check out your house/base if you want to strike up a conversation).


What can you do:

- Program? ...not really, unless redstone circuits or adding to config files such as for the ShortCommands plugin (Tshock) counts xD

- Script? hmm....no? ... No. (see programming)

- Read? lvl 90 - I'm not the sharpest, so being proficient helps me keep an edge.

- Spell? Whale of coarse. ... *insert troll face here*

- Build? Various buildings such as easy-to-defend towers, several types of houses, farms (mushrooms, potion ingredients), factories (slimes, piranha, skeleton, shark, etc.), wire devices....etc, etc.


About you (Description): I started sandbox games with Minecraft, helping a friend test mods and run a server. He got me hooked on Terraria soon after its release on Steam, and I haven't really looked back; the art style, vast number of building materials/items, multiplayer support, combat system and humor (items/bosses) is all very appealing. I ran a server (Tshock) this spring (at college) for about a month but had to shut it down for the summer because of work/connection issues.


TL;DR: I have done a lot of building, I've played through the game (legitimately) several times (SP & MP) and I have a basic understanding of recent Tshock builds. I'm generally friendly, easy going, and I enjoy helping other players with questions on mechanics or with actual building/exploring. Feel free to give me a shout in-game, and I will typically drop personal projects for projects/adventuring with others. Unfortunately, due to my connection/work obligations this summer, I may only manage to be on for a few hours a week until fall.

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