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Survival Games

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Hello everyone. Toby and I had an idea to host a "Survival Games" With friends and people on the Ghoztcraft forum.


A Survival Games is a arena type server where you are not allowed to break blocks. You must kill and possibly make allianecs to survive. There will be chests at spawn where you can run and try to get some good items, but that leaves you prone to attack. The last man standing is the winner.


We are not sure when this will be. It will be confirmed when we get more people to join and when everyone can make it.


So please join us for this event :D


The following people are going.


TheKingTim [Timmy]

fanimorph [Toby]



If you want to join, please post your ingame name.

The IP will be



1. No breaking blocks except leaves, grass, and mushrooms.

2. Once your dead, contact an admin. [Currently only me]

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also, our good freind MCMO will be recording this for youtube.

whats his youtube tob?

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