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Admin/Mod Guide

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This guide is for Moderators and Admins. It was created to help us become a better team and to help us be as consistent as possible.


Your Job:


Assisting players that request help.

Setting up Housing plots for players.

Repairing the Free Build area and any other area that may be compromised from griefing.

Enforcing the rules and moderating the chat log.

The Rules:


Respect your fellow players - you are all equal in the eyes of the WOF.

Do not destroy buildings or structures outside the Free Build area.

No profanity or abusive language will be tolerated.

No spamming of chat.


The Procedures:


If a player is not abiding by our rules: (i.e. spamming, griefing, etc.)

Step 1: Warn the player that their actions are against the rules.

Step 2: If they continue, Kick the player.

Step 3: If they still continue, ban the player. (If using a funky name, /who (see their ID) and /ban IDNUMBERHERE )


Banning IP:



If you need to protect land for a player:

ONLY DO SO IN THE HOUSING DISTRICT and please make sure that their land plot, weather it be by air, land or sea be of decent size.

Do not add anyone to the region named housing. Use the following procedure.


Imagine we are trying to protect this silver square.

Step 1: /region set 1 (hit a block with a pick / in the pic above hit one of the torches)

Step 2: /region set 2 (hit a second block with a pick in a square area / in the pic above hit the other torch)

Step 3: /region define regionnamehere (please name the region the player's name with no spaces for ease)

Step 4: /region protect regionnamehere true

Step 5: /region z regionnamehere 10

Step 6: /region allow "playernamehere" regionnamehere (If needing to allow multiple players, add each in a separate command)


If you need to check if an area is protected:

Step 1: /region name (hit any block in the area you are checking)

Step 2: It should respond with the region name.

Step 3: /region info regionnamehere


Tile Editing

The blue squares indicate where you drill after initially entering /tile set 1, if there is an additional blue block you will have to set another point by typing /tile set 2 and clicking on a new point.








(Thanks to [slimes]Clark for the picture tutorials!)


If the player already build a house in the Free Build Zone, you can copy their house and paste it into the housing district.

To COPY and PASTE buildings/structures:

Step 1: /tile set 1

Step 2: /tile set 2

Step 3: /copy

Step 4: /paste bl

Step 5: Don't forget to protect!


If you have any questions or suggestions for this thread, please feel free to comment I apologize for any confusion that may occur when reading through this.

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Step 5: /region z regionnamehere 10

What does that do?


Including the /ui command....IP banning, Muting.... Tile Editing guide. A FAQ....Like, "How can i become a admin/mod?" and stuff like that. Otherwise, Quite good.

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I have a question what is the server gonna be now? like is it gonna return back to hogwarts? or is it gonna be something else

and why is there a password on the server?

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