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TerraHax Modded Client Beta

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TerraHax Modded Client Beta

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.healthregen [num]

.manaregen [num]








.item [item name or ID]


.ammo [num]

.maxstack [num]






.goto [player name]



.placetile [tile id]

.placewall [wall id]





.size [number]




.water [num 1 - 255]

.lava [num 1 - 255]

.usetime [num]




.name [name]

.damage [num]




.defence [num]

.shootspeed [decimal]

.pickuprange [num]





.health [num]

.mana [num]

.summon [NPC ID] [*Optional* Amount]


.prefix [iD or Name]



.create [name] [shootspeed] [ammotype]

.anitime [num]

.replacetile [tile ID]

.masktile [tile ID]

.maskwall [wall ID]

.replacewall [wall ID]


.rain [num 1 - 255]

.rainspeed [num]

.knockback [decimal's only]






.maim [playername]





.itemprefix [prefix] [itemname]

.bind [key] [command]-[command]-etc...

.unbind [key]



.speed [decimal or num]



.scale [num]





.say [text]

.pickaxe [number]

.axe [number]

.hammer [number]


The patch only works with steam installs.


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I posted this 2 months ago. But, I was forced to remove it due to overwhelming amounts of complaints from the admins so....

Requests inbound?


Also, Could include the non-steam one. And, Could include the wall & Item ID´s and. You could keep the command descriptions. So. Yup.

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All 3 files are attached to this download. I think.

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On 2/8/2018 at 8:46 AM, Ollieee2242 said:

its says 0 files to download

I've just fixed it, thanks for letting me know. As far as I know, however, this project is abandoned. I don't think it works anymore for the latest version of Terraria.

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