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Weird problem with my computer...

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Alright so I got a new computer and have been encountering a weird problem. My speakers output a noise. It sounds as If got an update or an email. it goes off either frequently for a few moments or not at all for a few hours.


When whatever is happening happens. Firefox freezes till I click refresh. and Chrome crashes. It's mostly an annoyance. and it doesn't effect any other programs that uses or doesn't use the internet.


I've looked for help other places but it seems not many results seem close to helping me. Some people said it could be my RAM, but it doesn't seem likely. was wondering if anyone had any other suggestions or could link me somewhere that could help me.

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Well it could be all sorts of things.


You need to make sure that it is coming from your speakers and not the computer itself. Unplug the speakers and see if the computer still makes the noise.


If it only happens when you load your firefox or chorme when your speakers are plugged in then you might have the mixer setting for those programs up too high and it is causing feedback or other weird issues with your speakers.


If it still makes a sound when your speakers are unplugged then find where the sound is coming from. Open your computer and listen for it..


If it is just coming from your speakers does it happen if you plug in other speakers or headsets?


If it only makes the noise when the speaker plugs in and it does it on all speakers and head sets and it does when you turn down the mixer for the programs then you might have a driver issue. This can be solved by removing the current driver for the sound and downloading the appropriate drivers for your system. I can help you find these if you send me your mother board specifications or the sound card specs if you did dedicated sound card instead of an onboard card. Also if installing the drivers dont help and the noise is only on the speakers then your sound card could be bad.


So you should test as many as these ideas as you can to try and pin point where the noise is originating from and if it is your sound card, drivers, speakers or something else.

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