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Fast Internet, But youtube is slow?

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So as time passes most peoples internet connections have upgraded. Personally I have 260 mbps up/down and that is way more than I need to play youtube videos but they load like molasses. Heres how to fix this issue if you're having it.


1) Disables HTML5, you may not have it enabled but if you do go ahead and disable it:

to do so go to youtube.com/html5 and there will be a button that says leave html5 trial

this will allow you to properly seek to unbuffered video and immediately begin buffering


2) Install youtube center, and in the settings disable dash playback, this will enable full preloading, and if you have fast internet videos buffer pretty much in a second allowing you to skip to where ever flawlessly



I tried this on a 3 gb movie in youtube (G.I. Joe retaliation) lol somebody uploaded a 1080p copy there haah and google hasn't taken it down yet but I could seek to any part of it without any issues. This has been bugging me for quite some time.

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