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To whom it may concern

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Good day, everyone my name is Debbie. Sigh i have no joy in saying this, but i know she spent a lot of time here. Magic bitch aka (anny) past away last week. To those who knew her is the reason why I'm here, as some of you might know she was suffering from depression. And i guess it finally won she was found overdosed on pain pills, i spent the most part of my life with this crazy girl.. I know shes had made strong connections here and that is why i have come here to seek those who had cared for her in the past. I don't know if anyone she knew will see this but we can only hope right. I will be logging on here for the next few days in hopes to be connected to those people. You guys don't know how much she valued this place, this place was her escape from her life. I really don't know why but here i guess she could be the person she wanted to be instead of the person she was, again i more then understand any disbelieves anyone may have. But I'm living up to a promise i made to her a long time ago I'm still in shock my self, she was a soul never meant for this world. The services where held Sunday, she was cremated and me and her brother will be flying out at the end of this week to lay her at rest where she. Stated in her will and would be more then happy to be joined by those she loved, to relive this girls amazing life and lay to rest this tired soul.




Rest in Peace Anny ~

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