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Starcraft Remastered

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Hello old friends,

If you have not heard the most recent news or you have been living under a rock for the last few weeks Blizzard announced they are making a remaster of our classic favorite RTS game, Starcraft and Broodwar. Right now you can download the classic Starcraft game for free so if you have lost your CD keys in the last 10 years you wont have to worry about tracking down and buying a new one.

In the following weeks they are releasing more details about the 4K remastered version with updated sprites, higher resolution among other things.For more news, keep an eye on Starcraft's news section for the latest details releasing on April 27th but for now here are some comparisons of what we can expect of the 4K remaster taken from blizzards website











Keep an eye out for me when im playing i will be be on US West hanging out in the Ghoztcraft channel like old times. so if anyone is interested in playing again drop your b.net / starcraft tags below.

My user: [email protected]


If anyone gets serious about playing again we can also start a discord channel. I hope to hear from some of you soon!

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yes much better but we need new Hacks for this game.. agent god.. where ye be? .love to have stack hack..i know it could happen again if someone cared to really do it

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