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Ghoztcraft ARK Server Online

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You can use: play.ghoztcraft.net:27015


I'm bringing up the ARK server, please try to connect and let me know if it's working correctly. :sweat: The server will be automatically updated and rebooted around 4 AM. In my tests, it has taken about 2 minutes to reboot and 3-9 minutes to update when updates are available.


Quickest way to connect from Steam from the file menu: View > Servers



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I connected without issue Will play on it a bit.

I assume all of the rates are default (ie. slow af)?

Also, Abberation, the newest Map/DLC comes out on the 12th, should change map to that when it comes out.


EDIT: After playing for a bit, it does feel like Gathering, and XP are fairly low but higher than default. Taming feels like it's faster than default, but that could just be because they're low levels because of difficulty.

Most noticeable thing is that the difficulty isn't maxed out, I'm pretty sure, which just translates to max wild dino level, but no reason not to max it.

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