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Emerald Dream - Ragnarok/Annunaki/Party of Six PVE

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Modpack: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1266011514


This is my custom server for my work-friends, but I'm going to make it public regardless.

For a note about the low XP rates. I've tried to get them balanced, but some mod does weird shit with player levels and you start leveling faster after a point, so I've err'd on the side of caution. Will increase if it's too grindy.


    Mod IDs: - This is mostly a self reminder for the server setup.

    Mod List
Annunaki Genesis
Party of Six
Structures Plus
Awesome Teleporters!
Unlock Haircuts and Emotes
Castle, Keeps, and Forts Medieval Architecture
More Narcotics & Tranq-Arrows Combined
Meat Spoiler
Dino Tracker
Wooden Hanging Bridge
Perfect Hair Forever
Super Spyglass
Magic Mask
Craftable Element

    Config Changes
Map                  - Ragnarok
XP                      - x1
Passive XP        - x4 (x4 Total)        - Faster start and shoulder dino leveling
Kill XP                - x2 (x2 Total)        - Level Dinos faster
Harvest XP        - x2 (x2 Total)
Crafting XP        - x2 (x2 Total)
Harvest              - x4
Taming               - x10
Downloads        - All Downloads disabled (Player/Item/Dino)
Uploads              - All Uploads are allowed
Night Speed        - 5            - Night sucks, it's shorter.
Cave Building                - Enabled. Any reported Cave blocking will be Admin-Destroyed.
Food/Water Drain         - 0.6            - 40% slower drain
HP Regen Multiplier     - 3              - Dino and Player
Player Resist                  - 0.8            - 20% less damage taken
Dino Food Drain           - x2            - Dinos eat twice as often, faster taming
Egg Speed                      - 0.5            - Dinos lay eggs twice as often
Egg Hatch Speed          - 60            - Eggs hatch 60 times faster
Mating Multi                  - 0.3            - Dinos can mate 3 times as often
Baby Mature Speed    - 50             - Baby dinos grow 50 times faster
Crate/Fishing Multi     - 2                - Crate and fishing loo quality increased
Fuel Consumption      - 0.75            - Fuel is used 25% slower

Cave Flying                3rd Person                      Crosshair
Gamma Changing    Map Position
RPG Damage Text    Non-Permanent Disease
Corpse Locator        No Structure Collision    Friendly Fire

    Level-Up Multipliers
Health        - 2                - 20 per Point
Stamina    - 2                - 20 per Point
Oxygen        - 1                - 20 per Point
Food/Water    - 2.5                - 25 per Point
Weight        - 1                - 25 per Point
Melee        - 2                - 10% per Point
Speed        - 1.666666667            - 2.5% per Point
Crafting    - 2                - Not entirely sure, I think it's 10%, but it may be 20%.
Fortitude    - 5                - 10 per Point
Health        - 1.3
Stamina    - 1.3
Weight        - 2
Melee        - 1.3
Speed        - 1.2
    Other Notes
Rock Drakes        - I may spawn in Rock Drake eggs and saddles for some tribes,
            however I will never spawn in a pre-hatched Drake. This is the
            only dino I might do this for.

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