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I was wondering if anyone already had DarkBASIc and could help me with it.

If you are willing to get it and check it out:


1. Get it at isohunt.com and search DarkBASIC.

Get the program and the beginner's guide


2. After you install all of the files, go where you installed them and run the setup.


3. Go to freeserials.com and search darkbasic and get the professional crack.


4. Go into the editor folder and copy the .dll.


5. find the editor folder in the DarkBASIC folder in program files.

I would suggest renaming the currnt file just in case.


6. Then paste the copied .dll in it and run editor.


You should have it running.

Anyone willing to help is welcome, I'm going to try and learn it all to help me make games and the such.

Since the compiler parts and stuff are all screwed up, you can't compile and test, if anyone can find a fix to this I'd be thankful.

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