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Rules for all Contests

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The Following will be the rules for all of my contests unless I specifically state other Wise. These are the rules from the Ghoztcraft 2nd 1000th post contest. They worked out Nicely. If I find loophole these can Be edited as need be. If an edit occurs I will edit this thread and post in the contest and close the contest for half an hour at least. To ensure people are able to read the edit and are aware of it.


Here are the rules and eligibilities:



You must have at least 50 posts to participate in any of my contests. If you would like to participate go get 50 posts else where and then you can participate to win. If you post and i Notice you don't meet the requirements then your post will be deleted. If you continue to post you will be disqualified from participating at all.



Updated 3/21

To protect those that are trying to win the contest there are some rules to protect them. DO NOT COME IN AND STEAL THE CONTEST.

You are not eligible if you make your initial post within 50 posts of the winning posts. Simply put, If you want to win just participate. If I see you as an active poster there will be no problems. This is at my discretion.


I now put a strong emphasis on this. If your not active in the thread before this point and you start to post with in the 50 posts your posts will be deleted. I would say that you need at least 20 posts out side of the final 50 posts to any of the winning post numbers. But those 20 posts must be helping this thread to rise and you must meet other requirements stated in this thread.







No Double Posting.


With the following exception:


If in the future we have a scenario where we are within 50 posts of a winning post and there is a double post in the period of time that people are scrambling those posts will count provided the following:


After i confirm with a global mod or XGhozt that there were no deleted posts other then ones that i Delete then the double post will count.


There is no way that I can prevent a double post when people are rushing to get the winning post.


Double posts will not count prior to 50 posts of a winning post. I will simply delete the double post.





Added 3/13/07


Deleting your own posts to lower the overall thread Count is STRICTLY PROHIBITED. XGhozt can monitor this and doing this will eliminate you from this contest and any other future contest.


No Flaming. If it's a joking manner, I'll make the call. but otherwise all flames will be deleted

Spamming is allowed but is frowned upon. You will not get in trouble for spamming. However mini conversations rather then spam will help the thread progress. But if you feel the need to spam your more then welcome to. You may not just type random Letters. Spam must be words. Nothing like: skdjfshldgldksghdfklghdflkghdflgjfhdlhor8e Also No just posting Numbers.


My Posts do count toward the post count number although i will make an effort to not take the winning post numbers. If I happen to take a winning post the person after me will take the Prize.


In My Contests I and Global mods and Admins will be the only ones able to mod my contests. Although I request No one does unless it's necessary.

Modified 3/13/07 9:58pm EST

If you Post a winning post. TAKE A SCREEN SHOT If you are unaware Of how to take a screen shot I'll explain.


Press print Screen.(it's Next to F12) Then Open Paint and Copy it onto Paint.


Then Use the Uploader On Ghoztcraft or the one Image Shack has.


Save it


Submit to Me Through Pm or Over AIM (Bluefox679).


I will be enforcing this. This way if i'm not around to see the winning posts you will have a screen shot.



post count goes by the count in the thread. Not by the top threads on the main page. This count is on the top right of the top of your post.


In each contest the initial post does count as the first post.

I have the Final say.


Updated 3/31/07


No posting Just images.



No more one word Posts. Ie. SPAM,PENIS and the like


No 2 word posts with the same Word. Even if spelling is different.. IE Penis p3nis.


For those that are able to post in Closed topics. Do not do it. I close this when i need to make sure what i write is read.




No more one word posts with smileys. I have seen enough of those. Put some thought into your posts.


No more abbreviated one word post that mean more then 1 word. Like OMG OMFG LOL rofl and the Like.





Updated 4/25/07


No posing a long ass line to make the page distorted. It's annoying as fuck.


Updated 5/20/07


DO NOT Mention any form of x e n 0 p r o d u c t i o n s. Not a short version with just his name. Nothing that has anything of the like. I added spaces so if you were to search them on the forums it will not come up.




Posts will no longer be aloud that consist of abbreviated words/Leet/Binary/or any other slang of this kind.. You can Include them But the post can not just contain abbreviated words/Leet/Binary/or any other slang. Also short words do no work toward making it seem ok and that you included them so it's fine.


rofl at J00


The "at" does not make that post OK.


To be safe just include a sentence with out those types of words.


Some examples but not limited too:
















Ok guys song lyrics rule. You can ONLY quote a song or part of a song and make a game to try and guess the song or talk about the song. YOU CAN NOT post all the lyrics to a song and make that post. This makes it difficult for others to chat because there is no conversation going on.


These rules are law. If any one does something intentional that affects the integrity of a contest depending on the situation. It could make the whole contest void or you could be disqualified from any of my future contests. If it's a situation where your just out to screw the contest over and you don't care about winning, I'll fix it as best i can. I'm completely serious about this. The future of these contests depends on the success of each contest. So Don't fuck up and just follow the rules.

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