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Need something to get back at those damn Hackers?

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  1. BWChart

    Hack detection and anti hacking support for Starcraft: BroodWar.
    BWchart is meant to analyse the list of actions recorded in a .rep file, and display some charts mostly about the economic development. There are many limitations because, during a game, the BW engine only records "user actions". For example, an SCV bringing 8 minerals to a CC is not recorded, but a player clicking on a unit is recorded.
    Therefore, you can't even compute how much mineral each player has at any one time. But you can estimate how much he spent by adding up minerals/gas every time a unit/building/upgrade is built. Same thing for units. You can't tell how many he has, but how many he built. More information are in the FAQ.
    BWchart also provides a simple replay browser. It is not meant to organize replays on your disk, but to compute average values of various data on multiple games. All you have to do is select a directory (one with replays) and click the "Refresh" button. If you have tons of replays, be patient (there is a progress bar while replays are browsed). While you're browsing replays, double click any one of them to get the statistics displayed. Use right click for more options.
    Since version 1.01G, you can now see the map of the game with all the buildings on it, plus you can animate the whole chart/map in time and see where the various moves took place.



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