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  3. Welcome to the new Ghoztcraft!

    Yo dude! Join us on Discord, too. :)
  4. Welcome to the new Ghoztcraft!

    Hello my lovelies
  5. TerraHax Modded Client Beta

    I've just fixed it, thanks for letting me know. As far as I know, however, this project is abandoned. I don't think it works anymore for the latest version of Terraria.
  6. TerraHax Modded Client Beta

    its says 0 files to download
  7. Welcome to the new Ghoztcraft!

    Oh hi Zar!! :D
  8. Welcome to the new Ghoztcraft!

    The site is looking gorgeous! Hello from Alaska!
  9. Fortnite

    I got tired of this game faster than I've ever gotten tired of a game before... So repetitive
  10. Fortnite

    Fortnite is an Early Access Co-Op survival game. Fortnite has a Battle Royal Beta that's free to play :P Power Level 45 PvE Not so good PvP, but I've gotten an umbrella.
  11. Fortnite

    First round I did literally nothing and died, but second round I got 6th! Seems fun, I'm down to group up.
  12. ValiantChaos' Maphack (Cracked)

    No, this is out dated.
  13. ValiantChaos' Maphack (Cracked)

    Why it says is uploaded on 1 december 2017? Its true? its that working? not mor me. Help
  14. Fortnite

    I gave this one a try too but I died in less then 5 minutes. Anyone want to group up with me?
  15. Modpack: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1266011514 IP: This is my custom server for my work-friends, but I'm going to make it public regardless. For a note about the low XP rates. I've tried to get them balanced, but some mod does weird shit with player levels and you start leveling faster after a point, so I've err'd on the side of caution. Will increase if it's too grindy. Mod IDs: - This is mostly a self reminder for the server setup. 538986229,1113088471,731604991,670764308,889745138,942185438,764755314,764755314,754885087,569786012,924933745,784917362,893834064,516096294,793605978,920996170,859198322 Mod List Annunaki Genesis Party of Six Structures Plus EcoTrees Awesome Teleporters! Unlock Haircuts and Emotes Castle, Keeps, and Forts Medieval Architecture More Narcotics & Tranq-Arrows Combined Meat Spoiler Dino Tracker StacksOnly Wooden Hanging Bridge Perfect Hair Forever Super Spyglass Magic Mask Craftable Element Config Changes Map - Ragnarok XP - x1 Passive XP - x4 (x4 Total) - Faster start and shoulder dino leveling Kill XP - x2 (x2 Total) - Level Dinos faster Harvest XP - x2 (x2 Total) Crafting XP - x2 (x2 Total) Harvest - x4 Taming - x10 Downloads - All Downloads disabled (Player/Item/Dino) Uploads - All Uploads are allowed Night Speed - 5 - Night sucks, it's shorter. Cave Building - Enabled. Any reported Cave blocking will be Admin-Destroyed. Food/Water Drain - 0.6 - 40% slower drain HP Regen Multiplier - 3 - Dino and Player Player Resist - 0.8 - 20% less damage taken Dino Food Drain - x2 - Dinos eat twice as often, faster taming Egg Speed - 0.5 - Dinos lay eggs twice as often Egg Hatch Speed - 60 - Eggs hatch 60 times faster Mating Multi - 0.3 - Dinos can mate 3 times as often Baby Mature Speed - 50 - Baby dinos grow 50 times faster Crate/Fishing Multi - 2 - Crate and fishing loo quality increased Fuel Consumption - 0.75 - Fuel is used 25% slower -Enabled- Cave Flying 3rd Person Crosshair Gamma Changing Map Position RPG Damage Text Non-Permanent Disease Corpse Locator No Structure Collision Friendly Fire Level-Up Multipliers -Players- Health - 2 - 20 per Point Stamina - 2 - 20 per Point Oxygen - 1 - 20 per Point Food/Water - 2.5 - 25 per Point Weight - 1 - 25 per Point Melee - 2 - 10% per Point Speed - 1.666666667 - 2.5% per Point Crafting - 2 - Not entirely sure, I think it's 10%, but it may be 20%. Fortitude - 5 - 10 per Point -Dinos- Health - 1.3 Stamina - 1.3 Weight - 2 Melee - 1.3 Speed - 1.2 Other Notes Rock Drakes - I may spawn in Rock Drake eggs and saddles for some tribes, however I will never spawn in a pre-hatched Drake. This is the only dino I might do this for.
  16. Fortnite

    I've been meaning to try this game out. I'll probably download it and try it out this weekend.
  17. Fortnite

    In a bid to increase website activity i'm going to try out some new games and see if we can get some people involved with them. Fortnite is a free 100 player PVP Battle Royale made by Epic Games. I have been playing PUBG since release on Xbox so i figured i would give Fortnite a try since they seem similar. (I haven't played it yet) Drop some tags below if anyone else is playing, my tag is h0wsla
  18. Welcome to the new Ghoztcraft!

    Hey Zander its good to see you back! Hopefully with everyone checking in lately we can spark some constant activity. Its nice to see old friends like Zander popping in.
  19. Merry Christmas!

    Oh hi, first time checking out the updated forums tbh. I just hang out in the discord all day.
  20. Welcome to the new Ghoztcraft!

    Thanks! I tried to get close to it. Nice to see you back. Stick around will ya? :P
  21. Anyone play on PC?

    Me! Can you get me out of plat then, please help.
  22. Anyone play on PC?

    What rank are you? I aint playing with no plat scrubs. Kidding :) For real though, if anyone wants to group up, add me on bnet. EDIT You know, maybe I won't post my bnet name on a hacking forum lol. PM me if you want it.
  23. Welcome to the new Ghoztcraft!

    Damn, it's been a long time. It's crazy that we all still check back here from time to time, haha. Good memories. Nice job with the design, reminds me of the old one with the big orange "Loading..." behind the main content.
  24. Welcome to the new Ghoztcraft!

    Hiya Cripp, what's new? :D
  25. Welcome to the new Ghoztcraft!

    I mean its alright. But im a hipster so i like the original GC better. Like Omg please. JK I love it man. glad to finally see something new around here.
  26. d2 hakes on mac

    They do, yes.
  27. d2 hakes on mac

    Any 1 know if blizz detecting hacks on mac computers ?
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