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Silk Road hacks!

2 files

  1. SRO Loader

    Here is a SRO loader for all you guys.
    Once downloaded, extract the SRO Loader
    and then click on the monkey.
    Then, select your sro_client.exe
    and then it'll start.
    Click the boxes on which you want.
    Only time I could see a required update would be
    if they dramatically changed the client as in the euro update.
    So it should at least work for awhile.
    Make sure when opening up another Silkroad,
    wait a few seconds because it will take awhile.
    Some of you guys will get errors such as [C10],
    make sure you have your loopback adapter off.
    Other errors should be reported here and we'll
    try and get a fixed.
    If you are receiving a "Serious Error" error,
    please either re-download the new zip file, or
    delete SRO_Loader.ini and start the Loader again.
    No-DC Hack.
    Zoom Hack (Both Types).
    Swear Filter Hack.
    No Updates Required for New Client.
    SRO_Loader.zip -> A41DC47DF8B496DDFDE6D76364625192
    SRO_Loader.exe -> 826E1483D97B44605407883D1611D2C3
    It has been confirmed safe by a variety of users and by me.
    It's safe but still use at your own risk.
    Credits: 0x33.org - NHenglish



  2. Tbot

    Sro bot
    A bot that can train you, go back to town repair and buy pots, leave town and go back to train



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