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Advanced Item Editor

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About This File

Use this program to edit items.


Advanced Item Editor V 1.0.xxx Readme.Txt 10/01/99





Min System Requirements

Advanced Item Editor File Formats.

About Advanced Item Editor

Notes on Advanced Item Editor

Notes on ItemEdit.txt

Known Bugs

Other Things



Advanced Item Editor has been tested on:-

Windows 95

Windows 95b

Windows 98

Windows NT 4.0 Workstation and Server


Advanced Item Editor V 1.1.xxx will be released soon




Min System Requirements:


486 DX 33

Windows 95


Visual Basic Runtimes

Tabctl32.ocx (Included Copy to xxx\windows\system Directory where xxx is the drive windows is installed)

Comdlg32.ocx (Included Copy to xxx\windows\system Directory where xxx is the drive windows is installed)

ItemEdit.Txt (Included)

ItemEdit.Dll (Included)




Advanced Item Editor File Formats.



ITM Loads Items OK

HIF Loads Items OK

DIE Loads Items OK

MIF Loads Most Items OK but some will come out strange

This file format is just about readable.


DID Not Supported due to saved Items are Incorrect

I might support it in next release if CutiX gets his file format sorted.



ITM Saves OK and tested in Diablo and Hellfire

HIF Saves OK and tested in Hellfire




About Advanced Item Editor


I decided to create the editor in visual basic 5.0

Due to the fact the code is very easy to change.


I made the editor as easy to use as I could and

Tried to support as many different item types as I could find on the Net.




Notes on Advanced Item Editor


When the Item Editor loads

It will first try to find ItemEdit.txt File If this file is not found the item editor will not load

Next it will try to find ItenEdit.dll File If this file is not found then no graphics will be displayed.


ItemEdit.Dll file contains all the Item and Spell graphics.

ItemEdit.Txt File contains all the values for listboxes in the Item Editor. (See Section below)



Advanced Item Editor will check all values in text and list boxes for the correct range of numbers.

eg. if you enter a value of -1 or 256 in a text box and values from 0-255

Are only allowed then the text box will be reset to 0

Some text boxes will support values from -16777215 to +16777215 (Max for most boxes)

Where as some will only support values from 0 to 255 or -127 to +128

All List boxes allows for values of 0 to 255 only




Notes on Editing ItemEdit.Txt


This file contains all the values for the list boxes in Advanced Item Editor.

If you edit this file then Advanced Item Editor can behave strange or crash so beware.


Each List In this file begins with a name in [] followed by a list of values.


[some Name] (List Name)

000 - Value 0 (List Values)

001 - Value 1

002 - Value 2

003 - Value 3

\/ \/

255 - Value 255



The name in [] is the list name.

and the others are the values for the list.


If you change the values in [] then Advanced Item Editor Will not load it.


Each list value must start with a number 000

And end in a max value of 255



When changing a list value then do not change the number


If you add a new list value to the end of a list then

You must include the values from the old end to the new end.



Right Way Wrong Way

[some Name] [some Name]

000 - Value 0 000 - Value 0

001 - Value 1 001 - Value 1

002 - Value 2 002 - Value 2

003 - Value 3 003 - Value 3

004 - Value 4 006 - Value 6

005 - Value 5

006 - Value 6


As you see if you add 006 and do not add 004 and 005 then the Item Editor will Crash.


If you delete a value then renumber all number values from 000 onwards.


[NameTypeSub] List Only


[NameTypeSub] is used for the Multiplier1/2 sub lists of Advanced Item Editor.


This has a different format to the above.


Each list begins with a number in []

The Number in [] is linked to a number in the Multiplier1/2 list

Followed by the values for that number




Value 1

Value 2



You can add, change or delete the values under [xxx] with out any problems.


If you add a new Number in [] then you must include values for that number or it will be blank.




Known Bugs


This is the section I hate.


All Programs have got bugs some more then others.


Following is a list of bugs that I know about.


1. Advanced Item Editor is case sensitive when looking for the Files ItemEdit.dll and ItemEdit.Txt

2. The Previous Loaded list in Advanced Item Editor some times loses the file location.

3. My Spelling.




Other Things.


At the moment I have not got a web address on the net

so please post all problems or suggestion's to the Diablo news group.


ALWAYES Remember to Backup your Diablo or Hellfire character.


All Graphics used in Advanced Item Editor I Downloaded from the Net.


Blizzard and Sierra do not or will never support Advanced Item Editor.


So please DO NOT send them any questions about Advanced Item Editor.





DIABLO Copyright © 1996 BLIZZARD ENTERTAINMENT, All rights reserved.

HELLFIRE Copyright © 1997 Sierra On-Line, Inc. All rights reserved.








The Shining One