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Favorite Game: Life (previously Starcraft)

Age: It's just a number, but god am I old school

Favorite Color: Fire

Where are you from: IL, currently FL

Where did you hear about us: Pre 2006 enrollment referenced from bwhacks.com

Who are you ( SN ): HellboundAngel (aka HBA)

What are you: bored

What do you represent: chaos/trolling

Gaming Screen Name: [email protected]

Have a GirlFriend: sure

Have a BoyFriend: whatever

Why did you come here: just passing through, my old website is gone (or I can't find it)

Who is your Idol: Selma Hayeks tits

What can you do:

- Program? program a remote maybe

- Script? i work for directv so i can read a script, I'm also a good actor

- Read? I type therefore I read, but I do enjoy a good legal suspense thriller

- Spell? I type therefore I spell,

About you (Description): Rock star, previous mod, everything is awesome :D

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