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About This File

Open source, GPL'd maphack


This is a simple reveal all maphack that reveals the whole act as you enter it. Please note you should stand still for a second until the map has been revealed or you may crash (I hope to get it fixed in a later version).


This is a becoming more and more advanced maphack with every release, rite?


Instructions with d2loader:

1) Find your 1.12 Diablo II Folder

2) open the Plugin folder (Create the folder if it does not exist)

3) Copy the mMap.dll into Plugin Folder

4) Start Diablo II

4) ???

5) Maphack.


Instructions without d2loader:

1) Run Injector.exe

2) Find Diablo II in list and press Attach

3) Join a Game

4) Stand still while it reveals

5) Maphack=)



[Version 0.3]

-Added a Configuration file, meaning you can enable/disable alot of things.

-Added ability to have last game name automatically placed in create/join box.(Patch taken from Stings:P)

-Added ability to show sockets and ethereal status on items on ground. (Patch taken from Stings:P)

-Added a Stats Box!

-Added Life Percents in orbs.

-Added ability to have mMap automatically append character name to window title.

-Added Auto-Party.

-Added proper coloring of missiles depending on their friendlyiness.

-Added ability to reload configuration and set configuration via input (.reload and .set).

-Added a couple of toggles, for Life Percents, Auto Party and Stats Display.

-Fixed crash when you level up, problem with experience percent.

-Added a Game Timer to automap info.

-Hopefully fixed problem with it showing monster has having immunities when it doesn't!


[Version 0.2.2]

-Made all the Automap text read proper language(Except Exp Percent)

-Added a Lighting Patch(Full Line of Sight)

-Added a Weather Patch(No rain/snow)


[Version 0.2.1]

-Added Monsters and Missiles onto the Map

-Added the Exp Percent to the Automap info on the right

-Add all the preset units onto map

-Added a suspension of threads while revealing(Resulting in like near no crashes!:))

-Fixed some crashes


[Version 0.2]

-Fixed Problems with Unable to Attach

-Added D2Loader Plugin Support


[Version 0.1]

-First release


Big thanks to:

Cthulhon - For all his work on structs and general help:)

Sheppard - For all his work on finding 1.12 pointers, and D2BS:)

AntiRush - For all the help he gave me to fix crashes

TheAce - For the help with suspending threads

Lord2800 - For the help and support with C++ and Injector

emjay - For all his work on finding all thoses pointers!

Stings/Mousepad - Pretty much all patches, preset unit stuff.

And anyone else who has helped!