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Sc2MapPro (External Maphack) 1.2.7

About This File

Sc2MapPro 1.2.7 Public


This version, is directly derived from the official one.

It has anyway some limitations:


- No custom marks

- No advanced bot features.

- Only one queen injecting larvas.

- No advanced protection.

- No Filters

- Terran macro bot only makes scv and orbital commands.


Changes from previous 1.2.6 public:


- Lot of general improvements.

- Added limited terran macro bot

- Optimized radarHUD, for easier centering with sc2 minimap.

- Added apm info for enemies.

- Lot of bugs solved.



1) Download and extract the zip archive into a new folder.

2) Run.



- Completely transparent mechanic for the user.

- The Queens auto search for the nearest hatchery.

- New queens will automatically search other free hatcheries.

- No Need to set up any key or shortcut.

- Full automatic process.

- Possibility to set up delay and larva spawning time.

- Possibility to set up when building overlords, depending on free supply space.

- Completely automated bot for overlords, units and queens production and injection.

- Possibility to select primary and secondary units to build.


Changes from previous versions:


- radarHUD has been changed, have a look into the below information

- Now the bot will pause when using ingame chat.

- The bot will pause when sc2 loses focus.

- Added the possibility to stop bot by pressing F8.

- Added the possibility to show sc2MapPro options dialog by pressing F7.

- General bot improvements.

- Markers table extended to 20 slots plus some bugs solved.

- Added turrets,crawlers and photocannons to markers.

- General HUD improvements. They are now more stable and we removed the annoying sc2 green selection box when moving huds.

- Minor bugs solved.


radar HUD information


Do to some internal changes, all old radarHUD postition from 1.2.4 will be reset.

To let Queen injector working properly, you must overlap perfectly the radarHUD with the game minimap.

All changes you made are saved into sc2mappro.ini file.


How to overlay radarHUD


1) Click the little mineral icon on the top of radarHUD to enable sizing and positioning.



2) Use move icon and resize icon to respectively move and resize the Hud.



3) Click the mineral icon when finished.



Help with Zerg bot


- For larva injection you need to center perfectly radarHUD with sc2 minimap.

- Remember to always select all hatcheries,hives,lairs under ctrl+5 group.

The bot will automatically set that group, but if you have for example 2 hatcheries and one hive, you mast shift select all 3.

- When a queen spawn, only select the queen once, to start larva automatic process.

- The bot can do all by itself except buildings.

- If you select drones by clicking them into the game, bot will pause all processes, to let you morphing them into buildings for example.

- Bot make overlords, queens, and queens injection automatically.

- You have to select which unit you want to build, in the zergHUD ( normally hydra+lings, muta+lings or whatever you want.

- When in mid game, you can pause bot with 'stop all' button. When you want to build units enable it.

- If bot becomes crazy, pause it, and select all hatcheries under the same group.



Zerg Bot in action.



Please note:

This public hack is directly derived from the official one.

It has some limitations:


- No custom marks

- No advanced bot features.

- Only one queen injecting larvas.

- No advanced protection.


Unlike traditional maphacks, our program DOES NOT modify original sc2.exe in anyway,

It only reads from sc2.exe memory and display results via separate overlays,

thus it will not be detected by any current or future warden scans. However, Warden has in the past tried to scan for what's currently running on your system (Such as in WoW), so it's best to run SC2 without admin rights.

This download has an annoying popup on it, but you can use a program called AutoSizer to disable this, as shown in the screenshots provided. The AutoSizer download is provided as a separate download when clicking 'Click here to download'. Be sure to set Demo Version Screen to back. You can also close it using Alt+F4 to avoid the timer.


What's New in Version 1.2.7   See changelog


No changelog available for this version.