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PBDownForce 2

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About This File

A Spoofer.


This is the second release of the HW Spoofer 'PB DownForce' (The first semi-public release was called 'Project PBS', but finally I decided to rename it to 'PB DownForce' because lots of people mixed it up with my DirectX-hack 'Project PB')


This is BETA release. This tool works perfectly for me (Windows XP Prof. with SP2) and this __should__ work for every one else with WinXP and SP2, but I am not sure.

You use this on your own risk. Create a complete backup before you use this tool!!!

If there are problems(BSODs?) restart your computer, delete the files and send me the kernel crash dump!



-run 'main.exe'

-press 'Start spoofing'



I can't stop the spoofer because the 'Stop spoofing' button is grey

There are still open 'connections' (e.g. a programm doing some I/O or a programm forgot to free its 'connections')


What's the PBSucks-mode?

a useless feature...

Spoofed serials with deactivated PBSucks-mode: