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Kingpint'z Item Pack

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About This File

Contains all sets, items, classes and godly items.


Version History:

24-12-2005: Realese "Kingpint'z Item Pack" FINAL

26-10-2005: Realese "Kingpint'z Item Pack" v.0.9

13-10-2005: Realese "Kingpint'z Item Pack" v.0.8


Item Pack FINAL contains:

-ALL Sets

-ALL Weapons (Normal/Exeptional/Elite)

-New Char-Classes

-Unskilled Chars

-New Crafts/Rares


Item Pack v.0.9 contains:

-Skilled and Stated Chars

-Some New Uniques

-New Folders (for Normal, Exeptional, Elite) Uniques


Item Pack v.0.8 contains:

-All Ladder-Only Runewords

-All 1.11 Runewords

-All 1.11 Runewords/Items

-Much GOOD Uniques

-Much GOOD Jewls/Crafts etc.