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    O_O I only has illegal version :( unless key-gens work online then there is no online for me :(
  1. Yoshiman03

    SC2 Update - Mar Sara

    Exports: "terrazine gas" Maybe new resource?
  2. Yoshiman03

    Starcraft Patch 1.15.3

    I NEEDS MULTIHACK :), that sucks obliv keeps crashing so its a new glitch, hopefully not long till people find a way around it lol
  3. Yoshiman03

    Sig And Avatar :)

    I'm trying to sort shit out with LoyaL, i like all the ones that have been made i havent been able to get to the PC much as i have said coz of being banned <.< Its not that i don't like others that have been made to me, in fact i can't decide which one i really like the most, its just that i haven't had alot of time back on here to msg the people involved and as usual LoyaL will take another few weeks to message me back :D I really like the Anime one, if its not to much work would you be able to change the text to }†Yoshiman03†{ and maybe have it in the bottom right corner?
  4. Yoshiman03

    Starcraft BWLowLatency Auto starter

    O_o what does it do?
  5. Yoshiman03

    New Sig and Avatar Request

    OMG DA GRAPHIX!!! Can i use it? :D Idk man... it is pretty dam leet =
  6. Yoshiman03

    New Sig and Avatar Request

    Don't run around dissing other people's work. Zar's is very good, not just better than the others. Here are the three that have been made for him, he never chose, so noone ever made him an avatar to match them. Sorry its taken me so long to reply :D, i has been banned for having much pr0n on my computer :) Anyways, maybe that was because you said you were still making a few, everytime i asked you, you either didnt reply for days or said yeh im busy ill do it soon, that last one im sure was made/posted after you stopped msg'ing me for god knows how long. at that point i had given up and thought you were just ignoring me and would hope i would forget or something... Idk, but the weeks without saying anything kinda would make anyone feel like you've given up or something...
  7. Yoshiman03

    Sig And Avatar :)

    The anime thing rocks :D
  8. Yoshiman03


    I use firefox and you fail at life :) asshole I didn't ask for your personal opinion. He forgot to tell you he had his limewire, Kazaa and Imesh downloading a shit load of porn = Dude was that you outside my window while i was downloading 4gigs of porn? LOL I believe iMesh was a popular p2p search engine (similar to limewire). My friends used to use Imesh, but switched over to limewire. Limewire wins in popularity overall. I agree. I LULZ at Gaara's addiction to pr0nz
  9. Yoshiman03


    He forgot to tell you he had his limewire, Kazaa and Imesh downloading a shit load of porn =
  10. Yoshiman03

    Everyone Start Playing

    What type of game is Warrock? RPG, FPW RTS? and no, i can't be bothered to google it :)
  11. Yoshiman03

    Rabbit Ripper

    I'm guessing that they wern't the killers rabbits lol, im thinking break in to house or backyard w/e and kill they p00r bunn135 :)
  12. Yoshiman03

    Rabbit Ripper

    If they were doing it for attention, wouldn't they let someone know it was them lol?
  13. Yoshiman03


    LUULL!! He says u needs a new keyboard :) li3kd3uthrd4y1b4wt4nukyb0rdn1tsuxd3dd0gzb4ll5
  14. Yoshiman03

    New Sig and Avatar Request

    Doesn't want to do it my ass. I made you two different signatures, both considered good when i got c&c from my friends around. Considering you weren't very specific with what you wanted, they were both perfectly in the request guidelines. dude Firstly you told me in message i was being to specific: "Avatar: Height: 130px Width: 130px Picture: http://re2.mm-c1.yimg.com/image/1211396847 Colours: Any colours really, aslong as it looks good and matches the colour scheme of the Sig. Misc.: I was looking at maybe incorporating "†Yoshiman03[RP]†" into the layout of the scheme Signature Height: ~Unknown!~ Width: ~Unknown!!~ Picture: I have 2 that I was looking at to be incorporated into my sig; ~ The first I was looking at being put on the left hand side of the sig: http://www.freewebs.com/clar380/Images/Yos...s/Yoshipic1.jpg And ~ lol, a picture of Yoshimitsu doing like a spinning attack Colours: Once again like the Avatar, what ever colours you think will work and look good with the images (if you want to you can find a similar picture if it is easier to work with. If anyone is willing to take on my challenge tongue.gif then post here and we will discuss the details smile.gif" and secondly by not returning any of my message i presumed u no longer wanted to do it, I asked at the beginning before i paid if i could see a few before i chose, and you said yes to that...
  15. Yoshiman03

    Dropship Hack

    Would be awesome to see what your using to toggle to display what units are in the dropship