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  1. LoyaL

    warcraft roc free?

    Buy VIP Buy VIP
  2. LoyaL

    Time to get back in the game

    Isn't the key to this getting hacks? I would be more than willing to help out by adding other content, but I think there definitely needs to be a focus on getting actual hacks back on the site?
  3. LoyaL

    Eating Yogurt Give You Huge Ass Gonads!

    Why would I want ass gonads? I already have two in the front. I like them there.
  4. LoyaL


    Good to read. Happy everyone is still at least doing well enough to be online. Content is the modern man's .
  5. LoyaL


    How is everyone?
  6. Hey can i get the name of that person who sells cd keys 100 for 1$?

  7. LoyaL


    College research studies
  8. LoyaL


    @Cancerpuffs Links The company that provided the numbers for those studies has a government oversight. ACS. They needed gov't support to prevent a public database's creation. Wonder how they got it...? I an't going to look up ancient studies, they are there. College campuses have done plenty of studies on the effects of marijuana and when they are done there I haven't seen many negative reports. In recent news: http://www.saferchoice.org/content/view/926/38/
  9. LoyaL


    Unbiased college studies found that marijuana is more helpful to a person and society than it is harmful, I wouldn't buy too much into what the Drug Enforcement Agency's numbers say, since job security tells them to make sure weedisbadlul. And I don't smoke weed either.
  10. LoyaL

    Help me decide on a tattoo

    if you need a tatoo to be intimidating, you will never be intimidating. Nice troll post though.
  11. LoyaL

    Guess who's back?

    Is it Miley Cyrus?
  12. LoyaL


    dude could i use this on dota in lan? i realllly want to piss off my brother with this haha
  13. LoyaL

    Can You Multitask?

    I played this like a month ago after my brother showed me. And btw Jiggie you fgt its easy to load up cheatengine. :P
  14. LoyaL


    We've been members of the same forum forever. Regardless of how much we liked each other in the past, we entertained each other and that's whats important. [email protected]
  15. LoyaL


    Send me a beta key.