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  1. Hey GC, been a while, missed you guys. I just started a new clan, called StarCrack(Well, me and my boy's did). And we need to get ahold of a bot, and some working CD-keys(Unmuted pls :P) So how bout it? i got 1 Diablo 2 Expansion CD-key. But I dont know if that will do the trick :S! So, if anyone here knows how to set up a bot, I would highly apreciate it if you would hook me up with a guide, or some of your learnings :) Also, I would really apreciate some non-muted CD'keys. So any help would be apreciate :), thanks so much guys!!
  2. Vailence

    Need a -BOT GUIDE- and CD-Keys pls :)

    Thanks anyway guys. I figured it out on my own. Im running dual Stealthbots through WC3 & D2. Its very flexible, very easy to set up, and you can script your own commands. Pretty sexy stuff haha. I also got the CD keys :P, thanks though.
  3. Vailence

    Need a -BOT GUIDE- and CD-Keys pls :)

  4. Vailence


    Chaos Launcher is crap? Your either ignorant, or misinformed. Chaos Launcher is the EXACT SAME as the Starcraft origional Launcher, except that it crash's less :P, it also has PLUGIN CAPABILITY(Bonus? I think so.) Which includes LiveAPM for aspireing progamers, and window mode for UMS players. Chaos Launcher is an excellent program. Thread is still full of win.
  5. Vailence


    Thread is full of win. iCCup comes with ChaosLauncher automatically, I reccomend you get iCCup launcher, it has built in hack detection + Liveapm. Though this works fine too. First line.
  6. Vailence

    Some @$$hole somehow did something.

    Hawt topic is hawt. Hmm.... needs more cowbell.
  7. Vailence

    What do you think Ghoztcraft needs?

    No one cares what you think Dekus. Ghost needs to hire someone who likes to work, and not likes power. Im gonna go tell him to make a custom staff position for me right now which limits me to creation only, so i cant sabatoge the site, then im gonna make this place "Attractive" to all SC players, especially iCCup players. Oh, did I mention no one cares what you think Dekus? Cus they dont.
  8. Vailence

    I think I might be leaving GC.

    Stfu Dekus. I see a CompanionCube skulking around the premisis. Best shit ever was the like 5 18page Drophack conversations we had 4-5 months ago, that r0x'd my sox. We need more of those, or maybe just MSL/OSL coverage, and a link to gomtv.net Also... a discussion board for Proleague SC gameing, iunno... id put those in if I were you. Also Id ban Dekusvamp, hella more members without that annoying prick around.
  9. Vailence

    dekusvamp and zhuinden

    Ill punch you in the face if I meat you, cus of your attitude you whiney lil bitch. You seen what Ghost has done for this site? Dont talk down about the admin like that, lest one day you wont have a board to have an attitude on. This site would be fine if it had a better invintory for legitamet Starcraft players, and hosted VOD's and instructions on how to watch the MSL and OSL tournaments and so forth, id have all this shit up here but Zar and I had a fight, made me look bad, and so I dident end up a G-mod *Shrugs*. Or maybe it was my attitude... ;D
  10. Vailence

    Nice MSNPlus! addon

    This thread should be locked and closed, and everyone should negrep Dekusvamp for attempting something so shady and ridiculous. No word you tool, this is possibly the stupidest shit anyones ever tried to pull, even if this was legit, you cant expect ANYONE to think its fine to just do this do you? If people's automatic responses to shit like this on the internet was to trust you to even the slightest benifit of the doubt, then everyone on the internet would lose there house and home over fraud. if your thread was an advertisement for a businss, youd go bankrupt, thats the most sensible way for me to explain this to you, and that you suck. No one should DL this untill he tells us exactly what it does, especially because you dont need any "Secret Scripts", since it probably(If it is legit, and it isint) something you wont even bother useing anyway.
  11. Vailence

    dekusvamp and zhuinden

    Youtube Starcraft Bisu or Starcraft Savior Youll see the crazyest games in the world, in tournaments where 1st place gains you 70k, and for a game that was made over 10 years ago, thats FAR from dead. Starcraft will live on forever.
  12. Vailence


    Im honoured. Your still a necro whore Dekus :) Oh btw, if your not busy Z, come on us.east and play me, my zvz had drasticly improved :) GG[Chaos]@us.east.bnet Or anyone else who wants to play, im down. Especially you Dekus, you immature punk bitch :D
  13. Vailence

    StarCraft II Split Into Three Games

    Im definitly getting all three, theres no way I wouldent do this campaign.
  14. Vailence

    Sexy Convo

    Nahh, im happy I wasent in the convo, it wasent very sexy at all, nor is it too sexy for me(Redunant). It was however, slightly amuseing :P
  15. Vailence

    Sexy Convo

    ....... *Slow clap begins* .......
  16. Vailence

    Starcraft Patch 1.15.3

    Just give credit where credit is due. Btw, I hope to GAWD that you guys dont re-release that fucking Zerg Mineral Hack to the public again, please please please, same with the drop hack, dont let that shit get around again guys. Im looking specificly at Zynastor here, your the Hack God, use your capabilities wisely, dont fuck around B.net dude.
  17. Vailence

    A rare view of The Hadron Collider

    That was pretty neat, I lol'd at it hardcore.
  18. Vailence

    Starcraft Patch 1.15.3

    So are you KC :), you and ProMasser will have a special corner in the after life where you can yell at him about how he sUx and he can ignore you. Hes black after all, they got nerves of steel KC, NERVES OF STEEL!!!!... your insults they roll off of him like he shall one day roll crackas like you and me. This is a good thing though, I "Hate" ZMH, piece of shit that it is. Congratz blizzard.
  19. Vailence

    Necropost Abuse.

    Im sure many of us have noticed that ridiculous amount of spam that follows a necropost. Necroposting is not against the rules, but that in itself does not need to be a subject off point, does it? When someone legitametly digs up a conversation for questioning, or accidentally even, thats fine, but... when you know "Exactly" whats going to be posted next is someone makeing a remark about needlessly digging up old threads, then the next one is DEFINITLY going to be someone mentioning how Necroposting isint against the rules, then you get a train of 5-10 people all agreeing that "Yes lets all necro post because we can." Or "Hah! Look im necro posting!" Then thats just a little ridiculous dont you think? Anyone participateing in this continuous spam activity is only doing it because they realize, that since it happens everytime and they get away with it, that its obvious they will get away with it again, and what are they doing? Spamming. I dont want to scroll through 10 posts of "Omgz w3 r necr0 posting lulz" when searching for real posts, especially with how GC occaisionally forces the browser to scroll so choppily. You may call my nitpicky, but im calling yall spammers, you know who you are.
  20. Vailence

    i'm a WORKer now! :D

    Not everyone has natural good looks and charisma like us Proslasher, everyone else needs to learn there skills. Mind if we talk about ourselves some more? I can certainly go in depth. j/k! Or was it...
  21. Vailence

    i'm a WORKer now! :D

    Fast Food Job's teach you "Teamwork" in a forced enviorment. Alot of people who skip Fast-Food jobs at a young age never completely adapt to working in a team, thus one day Plutomic could end up with a better job then all of you. Btw, lots of people who smoke weed are capable people. A large % of the human population takes part in the sacred herb. CEO's bump powder off there desk when no ones looking, and extremly high paid business people cock smack in the stall before there shift, you think smokeing weed dureing your free time is going to stop anyone from leeding a productive life? How fucking brainwashed are you? Nothing wrong with Marijuana, illegal or not. Marijuana is as natural as sex, what with us being animals, and sex being reproduction, and marijuana growing from the earth and it getting us high. Just because we choose to smoke marijuana as our commen intake method, the drug in Cannibis can be administerd through "Many" different ways, animals eat the shit and go loopy all the time, and shrooms for that matter. If it grows in the earth, its part of the natural human expierience. Thumbs up Plutomic, just dont go off and smoke an ounce in a week or anything crazy like that.
  22. Vailence


    Lulz, im a direct realist. Google it, its a metapyshical perception of reailty. Your the naab Dekus, go get some learningz =P
  23. Vailence

    Oblivion has killed the Drophack

    *Claps for oblivion* Fuck drop hacks that are available to the public.
  24. Vailence

    Flat Earthers

    Some people just like to be different. Pretty funny stuff.
  25. Vailence

    I am Mr.Winkey

    Zar = liar. Zar = Mr.Winkey, Zar = spineless coward. Is it flameing to say "F U!"? I dont think so... so if I may.... F U ZAR! Could I be any more right? Now, continue to hate me for w/e reason's Zar convince you to do so, be ignorant for the rest of eternity and follow down your path of immorality OR... Be my friend :o, cus at the very, very least.. if I had a problem with you, youd know it straight to your face, I wouldent hide behind your back and sow lies and deciet to get my way, if I had a problem with you, id tell you straight in your fucking face. Now I dont got a problem with none of you, but im definitly laughing at anyone who thought Zar was "Hacked by Mr.Winkey" and Im way laughing at anyone who neg repped me over his bullox lies, especially JohhnyBoy, like how deluded are you? Some people just have 0 critical thinking capablities, am I right? Oh I know I am. As for anyone who kept neutral out of lack of knowledge, or perhaps they just dident care, I clap for you guys. Anyone who actually looked deep enough to see what was "Really" going on, well, I owe you guys a steak dinner, just cus you own a mind thats well worth its weight in gold, an intelectual web of nodes which may one day cure one of the billion problems this planet is plagued with, or atleast act as the catalyst to such a movement or cure. Is it flameing to express my feelings about someone? No. Zar, I hate you. Your a lier(Proven) your afraid of change, the almighty delta(Me :D) And you are worthless as far as existance purposes, because you as an entity have more cons then pros, and therefor in my own judgemental dillusion, if I were an entity of power which decided some thread of fate in your reality, i would drop you in a ditch and die of heart attack this second. Then id spit on your never to be marked grave.