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  1. JanqeD

    Google Adwords

    Selling a 75$ Adwords Voucher for 5$ Paypal *Advertise your site through google adsense a 75$ Value of ads for only 5$
  2. JanqeD


    lol yeah just a bit haha
  3. JanqeD


    <BR> is a break kinda like the affect you get when pressing enter. Not sure what he is referring to with <BR> and iframe lmfao they are in no way similar An alternative instead of iframe would be use divs you wouldn't use another document as a src but you would define whats in the div by <div id="mainwindow">Content here</div> than in your CSS define where the div will be located etc like that.
  4. JanqeD

    Simple PHP Form

    I need help coding a form. I dont even know where to start especially for a file upload feature. I need a php, java idc form i can insert into my page with these fields. Name: [ ] Phone#: [ ] Email: [ ] Website: [ ] Comments: 250 Character Comment Box Here Upload Song You Want To Submit [ ] Browse All the fields are pretty much self explanatory but the submit i want it to upload to my host in a certain folder for me to later download. Its a form for a radio station so people can submit their bands music easily for review to be air'd Anyone know an easy way of doing this for someone who doesn't ever work with forms lol
  5. JanqeD

    SCHT '09 Registration Closed

    Oh.. I thought it actually started today : Sigh
  6. Me and my friends are wanting a stand alone Build Matrix hack. Something that will work hand and hand with Oblivion. (Yes I know freedom hack is coming out or w/e blah) I just want one I already have a price quote from Nano for 20$ with free upgrades if it ever gets patched anyone else think they can do it for less?
  7. JanqeD

    Hacker Tourny

    Oh well that one livestream you showed me was very neat. Im pretty interested in watching it live just thought it was a neat feature to have especially in a hackers tournament lol.
  8. JanqeD

    Hacker Tourny

    Lol i was curious cause people have trouble recording starcraft regularly with screen recording software how do you plan on doing a live feed. Im super interested in the method 0_o