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  1. wEx

    Help Loading Hacks

    I got it working :P thanks everyone for your help <3!
  2. wEx

    Help Loading Hacks

    i've only tried winrar but every time i try it, it brings me the dll again and the txt... its useless for me right now
  3. wEx

    Help Loading Hacks

    whats the newest version of inhale? v1.2.2.1
  4. wEx

    Help Loading Hacks

    Well the only thing in the folder is Annihilation.dll and a readme.txt.... but i tryed to extract them into a different folder and its still the same how it was... unless i need a certain program cause when i click it, it says "heres a list of programs which i can open it with" or "use something on the wed" it confuses me on why cant it just be extract files and then a different folder opens with a loader... but anyways i dont know what to do =\
  5. wEx

    Help Loading Hacks

    The Private hacks... Annhilation X2 Private Hack :)
  6. wEx

    Help Loading Hacks

    I need help loading my hacks... its a .zip and i have no clue how to work it... please someone tell me :) <3