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  1. flirchinator

    Merry Christmas!

    ghozt why didnt you tell me to buy bitcoin back then ! lol
  2. flirchinator

    wiki_ XGhozt00

    This is the discussion topic for the wiki article: XGhozt00
  3. flirchinator

    wiki_ Flirch

    This is the discussion topic for the wiki article: Flirch
  4. flirchinator

    Ghoztcraft - Four Years And Counting!

    Happy Bday! now back to inactivity rofl
  5. flirchinator


    first time ive posted for awhile in these forums, and this is the thread i see first haha love it. ill just pretend in my mind that it wasnt fake, so its more interesting lol
  6. flirchinator

    New Abstract Tag!

    u freakin noob. uve been here this whole time working on ur ps skills while ive been gone for months!!!! u surpassed me in ur gfx skills :o dont forget ur roots lol me and div got u started!
  7. flirchinator

    Perfect FIt

    thx zhuinden, yeah my bad i forgot to change some of the words from my online slang i tried to make to make it like a story
  8. flirchinator

    Perfect FIt

    lol it does seem like a sex song now i that i think about it again HAHA
  9. flirchinator

    Perfect FIt

    Well this is an original i also have them on a song and it sounds pretty touching http://limelinx.com/sample/b9e80c48f6ef4035d66eee8396ca71a6 tell me what u think
  10. flirchinator

    Post Yo Ride

    I lol'd My car owns you alls what u guys dont have real cars or something ??? lol that link for the picture is http://www.speedsportlife.com/photopost/da...t_Cars_Pict.jpg i doubt ur car is the model car for a big website.... pics of my car coming soon... dam its true u prob dont have a car or something.... NIGGA U DONT LIVE IN DUBAI (like it says on the license plate...)
  11. flirchinator

    Love Poem

    can i use a modified version of these for lyrics on one of my songs?
  12. flirchinator

    This is My Life

    probably our best one to date its the first song here http://myspace.com/phasee or here http://limelinx.com//media/5e541675fe774b3...739fc4d200.aspx
  13. flirchinator

    new phase e banner

    what do you think? if u wanna see it on the incomplete layout it looks like this http://myspace.com/phasee
  14. flirchinator

    *New* Ghoztcraft.net promo

    yeah i agree wit div, it looks nice and all, but we know ur capable of better. Trying using some more techniques i.e gradiant maps, photofilters, lighting blah blah blah
  15. flirchinator

    New Mafia Game

    i signed up, so help me out :P i hope this game gets big...like dopewars and all those other ones... Than i can say i was there since the beginning