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  1. loller

    Wat is so great about hackin?

    Hes just spamming for have 5 post and dl hacks, what a hypocrite.
  2. loller

    Crazy Hack

    I heard of that hack before but I never know the name of the hack, can u send me the name of the hack in pm ? O.O
  3. loller

    Zero Hack??

    Lol its the same as v1.0.0
  4. loller

    [1.13f] Annihilation x3 Public

    Stop posting ur bullshit dls
  5. loller

    Winning bot

    That page doesnt work :\ any1 can help me?
  6. loller

    Winning bot

    Can some1 help me, I cannot get it work, it said: invalid version, some1 know y? If there is the patch some1 can give me a link?
  7. loller

    Here Is A Thought?!?!?!

    ye they do
  8. loller

    Ghosts And Legendary Creatures

    the ghost r pure energy that some can move things, drop it, etc, or r only created by the brain of a person like the poltergaist.
  9. loller

    Here Is A Thought?!?!?!

    The thing u say - every1 is living the exact same life as me just in diffrent instances, is the theory about that exist many millons of universe in different dimension in the exact place but u cannot see it nor-touched or feel it. And, yes the death exist, is just the human that refuse to believe that someday his live will be end.
  10. loller

    God & Christianity

    I belive in God, bcuz how can u explain the demoniac spirits, the demoniac possesions, the bad spirits, the witches, the demons, the people that claims that they were witches and they metamorf in reavens or shit like that, the sorcerers that really can read u ur future by their own ways or through the cards, how u explain the quija. If there is evil things or an evil must be a good, must be a God. And why do u care if the human cames from the monkey or how was formed the universe or other things like that, the only that matters is the message, that u be good, dont kill people, dont steal, dont do bad things, love ur semejants, believe in God, go to church. Yet, the science cannot know or understand alot of things and they never do, bcuz we r just simple humans, we cannot understand the power, knowledge, or the ways that God work. There r alot of religions that r full of crap like the new age, is just bullshit that the human made for live simple, the catholic religion too they pray infront of images, they pray to Maria, to their saints, and go to confess to a priest, they have their pope that has different names that u can call him and the names r a blasfemy agaisnt God, like "Sumo Pontifice" dunno the english traduction, but it means like hes the maximum that he has all the power, and only God can do anything, and is a blasfemy call other person like that. How can a priest forgive for the bad things that u do, I mean hes a human he has no power over u, nor hes and intermediary.(dont mean to offend any1). But there r also hypocrite bad pastors that the only they wants is becoming rich by the money of their congregancy. This is only my though. Alot of question about the life, God, the universe, why we r here, still without an answer and maybe we never get it but maybe their beauty is that those question doesnt have answers.
  11. loller

    Vip Members

    so u r telling me that u dont have the money but I recieved and email that confirm that I paid? :S Maybe one of those payment is my and u missunderstanding.
  12. loller

    Vip Members

  13. loller

    Vip Members

    I can prove u that I paid I recieved the emails that confirms that I paid also the receipt number, I can pm and send u to prove u can u check it?
  14. loller

    Vip Members

    what i have the email that confirm i paid and also the recipt id do i sent u in private msg?
  15. loller

    Vip Members

    XGhozt I paid for become a vip member for 10 years and so far im not I vip how can I activate or how long takes to activate?