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    Just add me to msn.. jeez lol

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  1. Nuker


    OH MY FUCKING GOD!!!! I FUCKING LOVE PANDAS except sad pandas no one likes them BUT.... I WANNA HUG ONE TOO!!!!
  2. Nuker

    Black Ops!

    Black ops is okay, on ps3 online graphics suck though... but damn nazi zombies is modern!
  3. Nuker

    Black Ops!

    Black ops is okay, on ps3 online graphics suck though... but damn nazi zombies is modern!
  4. Nuker

    Courses next year

    im about to go into Mechanics if everything goes well, but after that i might go through an engineering class and hopefully some sort of contemporary writing class and i would be a second year in college
  5. Nuker

    I miss how Ghoztcraft used to be.

    And whats wrong with this site just being a good old online community? who ever said we MUST develop hacks or that we MUST talk about only Starcraft? Jiggie, i'm sorry but your arguing over the internets... that makes you retarded. and not to mention that your a member from five years ago and your flaming us? buddy if you really think we suck this much why the hell don't you go somewhere else. we don't need your shitty attitude here. So XGhozt, can ya find anything like the old AS?
  6. Nuker

    Why do you play video games

    you said your doing this for a speech? pointers: when men are stressed solving problems eases their stress, and lightens their mood. yes this is all scientifically proven. and most but not all vidoe games have some sort of major problem(s) that needs to be solved and with is come many many smaller problems. so in tern video games ease stress for men. i know is nowhere near a speech format but its still good info. as to why i play games, out of sheer boardom.
  7. Nuker


    i love how in the end everyone just walks away
  8. Nuker

    StarCraft 2 Hack Programmers Sued

    i have personally met Zynastor somewhere on the interweb, so that shits funny to me. im telling you guys play legit untill diablo 3 comes out and you guys should be allot more safe. its not like you must hack, and if you MUST hack then your really just pathetic anyway.
  9. Nuker

    The Old Spice Guy

    that guy has just become my idol...
  10. Nuker

    I miss how Ghoztcraft used to be.

    then why dont we do the 1000/10000 post contester thing, that was always really fun.
  11. Nuker

    I miss how Ghoztcraft used to be.

    omg that would be awsome. whens your bday? i turned 19 today
  12. Nuker

    I miss how Ghoztcraft used to be.

    i loved that army game that used to be on here
  13. Nuker

    How to defeat mass carriers?

    personally i think they are totally worth it. especially when backed by ht, with that crazy shield all the way upped along with storms ibet you could do it. now if you added in a Mothership you could vortex them get in close and when they all come back out they cant see your archons and focus fire with all that splash damage. idk about how you guys play but im a resource whore so nothin is really out of the question.
  14. Nuker

    How to defeat mass carriers?

    i personally would try massing archons with full shield upgrade. but im not pro or anything of the sort these days