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  1. CheesySalsa

    Official Discord

    sounds great man! hmu!
  2. CheesySalsa

    I'm Really New To The Gaming Scene!

    Hello guys, I'm really new to the gaming scene....just registered on this website....9 years ago... I hope to find cool tricks to help me improve my tactics in the gaming scene!!! When will Zynastory update Oblivion again??? thanks for the help! On the real though, just thought I'd drop by to say hi.
  3. CheesySalsa


    view full: http://i41.tinypic.com/qwy7bl.png
  4. CheesySalsa

    Red Balloon

    That's the point LOL. The balloon is the focal dude.
  5. CheesySalsa

    Red Balloon

    edit: no stock/just render on cementary stock. i bow down to amanda's skills. collabo. cropped:
  6. CheesySalsa

    just some stuff

    photomanips make sure you view full size
  7. CheesySalsa

    Recent Works

    I've been gone, because I was enhancing my gfx skills, even though I am still terrible.
  8. CheesySalsa


    I saw this guys leet sig and tried to imitate it but failed. Anyway, comments are welcome as positive ones build self-esteem and negative constructive ones that give positive suggestions also build self-esteem which leads me to talking about negatively negative ones which destroy self-esteem and make you explode from inside out.
  9. CheesySalsa

    My first PS image

    Wow, this simply has to be one of the most abstract pieces of art I've ever seen composed on PS. The dots are so perfectly placed in it makes the image stand out like a figure of truth and justice. The render you used is so good in quality that it was as if it were the real person itself. The background fits perfectly in with everything, and brilliantly matches the guy's outfit and guitar. Amazingly the text is the best part, DARK RED THE MOST ORIGINAL THING I've seen in years!! You are amazing, a true photoshop prodigy at heart, have you applied as a graphic designer for any companies or magazines yet?
  10. CheesySalsa

    Into The Light of Music

    Oh, i'll see what I can do with that, i added v2 what do you think
  11. CheesySalsa

    Into The Light of Music

  12. CheesySalsa

    Into The Light of Music

    v2 I made this for a sotw in another forum, not my best, what you think though =o
  13. CheesySalsa

    Design the Ghoztcraft t-Shirt

    Has thou not referred back to http://www.Ghoztcraft.net/forums/GC-T-SHIR...GNS-t15214.html ???
  14. CheesySalsa


    This should be in the music thread, but it feels more like poetry to me, this song was written by Nujabes, whoever he is, i think its awesome though although its pretty old: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mZaV-33XSHY