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  1. Xena come back :'(

  2. Xena

    Terraria Server

    You don't know what nargles are!?!?!?!? MUGGLE!!!!!! ;)
  3. Xena

    Input on House Points and class design

    50 points to Gryffindor!!!!!!
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    Name: Ali Favorite Game: WoW Age: 20 Favorite Color: Purple Where are you from: San Jose, Cali Where did you hear about us: XGhozty-kins Who are you ( SN ): I'm Mee What are you: Vulcan What do you represent: Me, Myself, and I... oh and that person over there. Gaming Screen Name: Eemila/Pixii Styxx Have a GirlFriend: Yes... Girls who are friends Have a BoyFriend: MMmmhmm Why did you come here: A drunken Friend forced me too... tee-hee Who is your Idol: Spock What can you do: - Program? Nope - Script? Hells nah - Read? YEs sir - Spell? YEs sir About you (Description): Ummm..... I liek to read and game and read and watch moovies.