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    Hello all, as you can see I go by Classius and I like to play Starcraft Broodwar, even though it is old; it is the best game my old pc can run at the moment. I have played a few games with public hacks but recently I noticed people using a hack on me that pauses the game and drops me. They seem to use it when they start losing, and it is getting annoying. I was wondering if an anti or the such hack is available for VIP members. I also saw something really interesting today.. someone with nickname WS53 or something like that on b.net used an interesting zerg hack... he had only one hive the game just had started and after a minute or so he started pumping zerlings like crazy... any ideas as to what that may be? Seemed like a mineral hack or a fast larvae recycle hack. He made a few overlords to cover the larvae (which i assume he did to hide the fact he was cancelling them) You probably know where I am getting with this, I would like to own them as well. I am seriously considering joining the VIP section but I would like some honest answers about the possible content I can get my hands on within the VIP forum. I believe that by now Starcraft is old enough to have so much secrecy about the hacks, especially since a group of people seem to be using them with disregard to the actual playing quality of it. I dont mind people using hacks to facilitate their gaming experience but drop/ crashing people so that they may not lose is dumb.. and annoying.. the record means nothing to me but what is the point of playing if mid game you get drop/crashed. So I would like and anti that is effective against that pause drop hack. Thank you for your time people! Hopefully I get good answers. See ya!