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  1. Hi. Just wanted to say that.
  2. vamsi

    Old Games

    Already played Diablo II. I've heard about both the other games i'll check them out too. Thank you :D .
  3. vamsi

    Old Games

    Alright then. Thanks.
  4. vamsi

    Old Games

    I suck quite a bit at RTS games so maybe runescape is the better one for me. Do either of them have singleplayer?
  5. vamsi

    Old Games

    What are some good old games [Not too old like maybe 10-12 years old] that you guys recommend for a relatively decent laptop?
  6. vamsi


    Thank you.
  7. vamsi


    I've been digging some of the mainstream EDM tracks as of late and i was thinking some of you guys may have some suggestions to not so very well know tracks. Plz?
  8. vamsi

    1.3 Update

    Yeah I think so too. Especially the Moon Boss.
  9. vamsi


    Wow, you're an old member. What reminded you about this site? Just curious, you don't have to answer.
  10. vamsi

    1.3 Update

    When do you need me? I just started college. I'm only available for a few hours everyday. But I want to help in any way i can.
  11. vamsi

    1.3 Update

    Terraria is probably devoid of players from Ghoztcraft by now , but I still believe that maybe the game will make a comeback. The 1.3 update is so much more fun to play when compared to And the added events just add even more to it. So, even though this request might not be considered, can we bring the Ghoztcraft Terraria server back to it's original glory?
  12. vamsi

    Hello my friends!

    Unfortunately, that map is lost forever. :(/> I don't have time to build it again, and the original authors don't play Terraria anymore. Well, that's a shame. I guess we really can't have good things in life anymore.
  13. vamsi

    Hello my friends!

    I wish we could go back to the old hogwarts days on terraria but i think majority of the people would just prefer to restart the server with a new world. The current one is kinda beat up.
  14. vamsi


    That's kinda nice i guess
  15. vamsi


    so these two guys called yorik100 and treyvon started spawning like 200 dungeon guardians and killing everyone(they weren't effected as they were using hacks ) can someone ban them? i already gave em like a 100 warnings